Changing Places Day

Saturday 1st March 2014
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Changing Places Day on June 21st

As we are currently fitting out a New Retail Development in Taplow and Bowmer & Kirkland is an industry requiring HGV deliveries, we are hosting an awareness event aimed at cyclists and HGV drivers.

The appalling statistics of 3,222 cyclists injured or killed on UK roads in 12 months is what the event is all about and increasing awareness of the challenges faced by both cyclists and HGV drivers when sharing our roads.

It aims to increase awareness and educate road users - particularly cyclists and HGV drivers - about the challenges that are faced by both when sharing the roads. The day will be hosted by construction company Bowmer & Kirkland at the site of the New Bishop Centre in Taplow.

If you are a cyclist, a HGV driver, or any other road user, come along and join us at any time during the event, between 10.00am and 1pm. You will be able to: